Jonas Brusman

I like to do high fives, take photographs and make cool things with Ruby.


Sörby gård and Lärkstugan in the beginning and end of the summer.

Deploy Jekyll to Heroku with a click on a button

I’ve updated my Jekyll + Heroku + Unicorn sample app to the latest version of Jekyll available (2.3.0). It now have all the latest features from Jekyll!

I also added a Heroku Button. So you can deploy your own version of the Jekyll site to a new app on your Heroku account with just a single click on a button. You can try it directly here on this blog by clicking the button below.


Pressing this button will deploy a Unicorn powered Jekyll site to Heroku. The blog will be blazingly fast and handle a heavy load by using Unicorn with multiple workers on per dyno. And by only using a Dyno the hosting will be completely free!

Hi my name is Mr. Brusman

Me and Eva got married for nearly two weeks ago. I took Eva’s surname and is now called Brusman instead Forsberg. So I thought that this was a good opportunity to tweak the typography on this site while I changed all occurrences of my previous last name.


Planning Poker with Ember.js and Firebase

Had some fun with Ember.js and Firebase today. Tried out the EmberFire lib provided by Firebase to use Firebase with Ember-Data. I also used the Ember CLI for the first time, can really recommend it. Wanted to see how easy it would be to build an real time syncing Ember.js app and then deploy it to the new and easy to use Firebase hosting service.

It resulted in a simple planning poker app to help with the sprint planning for my remote team. I’ve uploaded the source to Github.


Lived i Berlin for half a year but didn’t use my camera much at all.

Sunday walk

Took a sunday walk with Eva and David and it resulted in four new photos to my serie “from behind”.

Jekyll 1.0

The Jekyll gem have been updated to 1.0. So I’ve now updated both this site’s source (even made the repository open!) and my example repository for hosting a Jekyll site on Heroku.


This is my brother David last December. His band, Skogen Brinner has recently released their debut album. Listen to it on Spotify.

Ice fishing

Went Ice fishing with Eva’s family and some friends on the easter holiday.